Project Length

Kabinet Inc.


4.5 Months

Client Challenge

Our client came to us with a unique problem set - here's what we tackled:

Kabinet - The Homeowner App - was in dire need of a UX/UI revamp to increase their customer engagement, usability, and general marketing appeal. Their original application UI was older and convoluted, confusing customers and disengaged users from effective day-to-day usage.

Project Media

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Our Approach

Here's what our work provided for our prospective client:

Relay was tasked with overseeing the design process for the UX redesign, and then execute the building of all UI elements in a Design System.

Our Goals:

Modernize UX/UI of full app to better integrate the product to its marketing aesthetic

Improve customer navigation, especially for mobile, by adding a bottom nav bar and a route to navigate backwards on any non-primary screen

Enhance visibility of corporate sponsor branding

Conceptualize expanded features for new documentation categories

Our Impact

Here's what our work provided for our prospective client:

As a result of the UX/UI Revamp, Kabinet saw an significant reduction in application bounce rate (how long before a user gives up and leaves the site). It recieved rave reviews from users within the application who expereince Kabinet before and after the transformation. Another direct result of the revamp ultimately lead to additional user base growth for Q3-Q4 of 2023 by a factor of 32%. The product improvements provided a huge impact for the Kabinet team to sell easier to propective clients, investors, & key partners.

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