We make products breath life...

We help business owners achieve their technical objectives using four key pillars for a successful tech project:

Digital Excellency

Stand out above the rest

Technical Ownership

Build it like it's our own

Layman-Layman Talk

Keep it simple, seriously!

Working S.M.A.R.T.E.R

Measurable results first


is the culmination of industry best knowledge, practices, processes, and implementation to achieve


What Does Digital Success Mean To Us?

For every business, success has different meanings. We want to become a long-term strategic & technical partner with every client we engage with to create lasting value. we do this by providing:


Digital Experiences

On Demand

Digital Capabilities


Leadership & Culture



We've got just the expertise to make it happen

With over 20+ projects completed this year to date and rapidly adding on, Relay has resources to help you achieve your goals.

Christopher Richards, Founder & Managing Director

  • Ex-CEO, & Cofounder of Prisma Systems Corporation (2015-2019)

  • 4+ Years of Product & Executive Management

  • 8+ Years of web development, and IT software contractual experience

  • Former IT Manager for Kingston Way Inc.

  • 2020 Census Bureau Field Leader

  • Founded one of very few technology-based startups started and supported by Illinois State University Startup Accelerator

  • Lead Programmer for Harvard Kids Game Project (Crowd Innovation Lab)

  • Customer Focus First & Loves People

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